Alternative Press: See midwxst’s chromatic, seductive utopia in new “pretty girls” music video

midwxst, the 20-year-old melodious rapper who went viral over the pandemic, released his latest single “pretty girls,” a catchy track with an accompanying music video. The song follows the success of “Tally,” an opulent project that featured Denzel Curry and a sparkling, Old Hollywood glamour.

His latest track dives into a psychedelic and seductive world, showcasing the rapper’s magnetic vocals in his conflicting, explosive roles on screen — existing as both lover and demon.

“Sometimes even the prettiest people in the world can have the most twisted things occurring in their lives and edges that you would never know existed until you’ve experienced them,” midwxst tells AP. “Pretty girls can be very dangerous to the heart.”

The new track signals his impending next chapter, as the young rapper gears up for his major-label debut album, E3, scheduled to come out later this year via Geffen Records.

“Things aren’t always what they seem. That’s what I’ve learned from my experience,” midwxst says. As the Indiana native hovers somewhere between hyperpop and rap, rage beats and ballads, tender sincerity and unbridled confidence, his debut record promises unexpected contradictions and complexity.

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